Visit Rome in the evening, a completely different atmosphere!

Visit Rome in the evening. Surely you would have thought that the Roman sites, that arouse greater interest, could be visited and be accessible only during the day. But is not so. In this article, we will indicate and describe which sites you can admire in Rome in the evening.

Visit Rome in the evening: the Moon over the Colosseum and the Underground

Colosseum by Night Tour

Colosseum by Night Tour

This is a suggestive experience not to be missed. This guided tour in its itinerary includes the arena and the underground part, that is, the underground arena of the Colosseum. A space that has recently been made open to visitors and includes the monumental Libitinaria Gate. In addition, it is the area where wild beasts were kept and where gladiators stopped waiting to go up to the arena.

This tour lasts approximately 75 minutes. Visitors will be divided into groups of 25 people maximum and will be accompanied by an operator/guide. The guide will illustrate the characteristics of this monument. Obviously the Colosseum will be exceptionally illuminated for the occasion. The price of this tour includes the entrance ticket to the Colosseum, access to the basement, a guided tour with an official guide, digital guide of the Colosseum and Roman Forum with map and presale fees. To book the Moon over the Colosseum event click here!

Rome by night: tour with private guide

This is another alternative to fully enjoy the Eternal City by night. It is a tour lasting about 3 hours. The itinerary can be customized according to the visitor’s requests. To satisfy your curiosity, we offer you three different routes.

The first route begins in Piazza San Pietro, where the guide will describe the complex of San Pietro, Bernini’s colonnade, the Piazza and the dome of the great Michelangelo. The tour will continue on foot along the Lungotevere. During the walk, the guide will tell you the link between the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo during centuries. Once you have reached Castel Sant’Angelo, you will hear its history from imperial mausoleum to national museum. In addition, you will cross the Ponte Sant’Angelo and admire Bernini’s sculptures that line the bridge’s backs.

Pantheon at Night

Pantheon at Night

The second route begins in Castel Sant’Angelo, where you will hear the story and admire the Ponte Sant’Angelo and the famous statues of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The tour will continue towards Piazza della Rotonda where you will observe the Pantheon, the most important testimony of the great Roman Empire as well as being the best preserved building of Ancient Rome. To embellish the square, there is the Renaissance fountain by Giacomo Della Porta. A few minutes from the Pantheon is Piazza Navona, one of the most famous squares of the capital.

This square has an unusual shape, in fact it stands on the perimeter of the Domitian Stadium where in ancient times horse races took place. Piazza Navona is considered the symbol of Baroque Rome and is full of life and lights with trattorias and cafes on the sides open until late at night. In the center of the square you will notice the large obelisk with the three splendid baroque fountains (Fontana del Moro, Fontana del Nettuno and Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi).

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

The third and final route that we suggest starts near the Trevi Fountain, one of the undisputed symbols of the Eternal City. In front of this monument, the guide will explain the history and architecture of this extraordinary monument. The tour continues towards the Spanish Steps and Piazza di Spagna where you will admire its baroque fountains and the grand staircase leading to the Church of Trinità dei Monti.
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Visiting Rome in the evening: night opening at the Vatican Museums

Saint Peter's Dome

Saint Peter’s Dome

Every Friday evening from May to the end of October you will also have the opportunity to visit the main sections of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel with an expert guide. This is a tour lasting about 3 hours, on request you can agree with the guide an shorter itinerary of two hours inside the Vatican and spend the last hour visiting in St. Peter’s Square by night.

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Castel Sant’Angelo and the special evening opening

Castel Sant'Angelo at Night

Castel Sant’Angelo at Night

Entrance tickets to Castel Sant’Angelo at night are also available, a very special event, only available for short periods during the Summer. By booking an entrance ticket, visitors can visit the Castle, its interior and admire the splendid views of Rome during the night. Once you reach the famous Terrace of the Angel and the highest point of Castel Sant’Angelo, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of Rome facing the Tiber river.